1997: My reflection of the year

1997, for the most part, has made the rest of the nineties look bad. The year sucked, to say the least. It was plagued with bubblegum pop groups like Hanson and the Spice Girls, infested with annyoing "anthems" like "Tubthumping" and other horrible songs....It did, however, give us some good things....

I have also included some of my favorite TV shows, films, and actors/actresses of the year, and some other various things....

The Best Five Records of 1997:

1. Clumsy, Our Lady Peace....What can I say? Raine Maida makes singing seem simple....Fluctuate some harmony and play loud....Can anybody do it? Nope, and that's why Our Lady Peace is a step above the rest. They make Canada look like Seattle....

2. OK Computer, by Radiohead....Walls of guitar, beautiful and brilliant orchestration, and compositions that rival the best bands of today....

3. Foo Fighters, The Colour and the Shape....Pop rock, no doubt, but good pop rock, and Dave Grohl can sing and play guitar better then Kurt Cobain ever could. The addition of Pat Smear to help write their second record made a tremendous difference. His departure will hurt Grohl....

4. Reef, Glow....Another British band that has made us Americans look pathetic. Rolling Stones fans, take note....Keith Richards will die some day....Check this band out.

5. Faith No More, Album of the Year....No argument here.

Honorable mention:

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Let's Face It....Great short anthems, from the current kings of skank....

Deftones, Around the Fur....Surprisingly, Around the Fur is lower-key then their first release, Adrenaline, but it pumps with all of the strength nontheless....

Metallica, ReLoad....I was really taken back when I heard this....Metallica proves to the world that they haven't gone soft in this barrage of riffs, yells, and rock....

Corrosion of Conformity, Wiseblood....Capitalizing on the sucess of their previous release, Deliverance, COC actually keeps the same line-up of band members, and continues to churn Sabbath-like chunk...

The Five Best/Worst Songs of 1997


1. "Paranoid Android," by Radiohead. Some of the most brilliant acoustic I've ever heard. This song drove me to start listening to them. I'm glad I did. Radiohead is a band that proves that you can be techinically amazing, and still appeal to a mass audience.

2. "Touch, Peel, and Stand," by Days of the New. Simple, yet it's a driving acoustic song, and has the power of something Metallica would write. It has a replay value that's a lot higher then most commercially played radio songs.

3. "My Own Prison," by Creed. Disturbing, yet emotive, "My Own Prison" emanates an almost goose-bumping feel....Scott Stapp is Eddie Vedder and Scott Weiland thrown into one....

4. "Everlong," by Foo Fighters. An essentially pop-rock group, this is one of the best rock songs I've ever heard....Great guitar orchestration, and it caused me to buy the CD, and I don't even like the Foo Fighters. Still don't, really....

5. "Hello, Hello," by Talk Show. Who needs Scott Weiland? The remaining members of Stone Temple Pilots prove to their heroin-ridden vocalist that they can rock without his charisma. And people thought the DeLeo brothers weren't any good. Bah.


1. "How Bizarre," by OMC. Take Beck, put him in South America, and you have this surf-Latino crap. This song reeks of annoyance. Horrible vocals, and lyrics that don't come close to coherence regarding rhyme.

2. "Tubthumping," by Chumbawamba. Their only hit in 15 years....I find it pretty sad that it took them fifteen years to write a song that more people hate then prefer. They need a thumping in the head.

3. "Walkin' on the Sun," by Smash Mouth. Any song played during football highlights of Barry Sanders better be good. This isn't one of them. I think their name implies how they should be handled...Physically, that is....

4. "MMBop," by Hanson. This song should be much higher, but I don't hear it enough. I can at least continue to listen to the station that play two of the previous three. This, however, is scraping the bottom of the barrel....Pre-pubescence at its absolute worst....

5. "Fly," by Sugar Ray. I like Sugar Ray, quite honestly, but I can't get into this chick-appealing, trendy Hispanic-sounding crap. Sugar Ray can rock, and this is proved by the recent release of "RPM," which is an honest indication of the true band that they are....

CD's of this year that are worth checking out

Talk Show

Pantera, Official Live: 101 Proof

Creed,My Own Prison

Caroline's Spine,Monsoon

Sammy Hagar, Marching to Mars

Everclear, So Much for the Afterglow

Days of the New

Third Eye Blind

Paul McCartney,Flaming Pie

Various Artists,Spawn Soundtrack


Helmet, Aftertaste

Live, Secret Samadhi


Best Movies of 1997

1. L.A. Confidential: Based on a highly acclaimed James Ellroy novel, L.A. Confidential proves that some of Hollywood thinks that Americans are intelligent. A great, complex story, and great acting from Kevin Spacey, Guy Pearce, and Russel Crowe

2. Face/Off: Directed by John Woo, and starring two of the biggest names in Hollywood, John Travolta and Nicholas Cage, Face/Off is an action movie that has all the best stunts, fights and a tremendous story to boot. Woo's directorial style is one-in-a-million, and he does a great job in this shoot-'em-up feature

3. Con Air: Another tremendous action thriller, brought to you by Jerry Bruckheimer (famous for The Rock), Nicholas Cage stars in the second of the two big-budget shooters of the year. With actors like John Malkovich, John Cusack, Ving Rhames, Steve Buscemi, and of course Cage, you can't go wrong. Fabulous direction as well....

4. Swingers: A film no one has seen, unfortunately. Jon Favreau, writer and main actor in the film has brought a great movie that every man and woman can relate to. Great dialogue, and fabulous acting.

5. Breakdown: As tense as the top of water, Breakdown is a predictable, yet great depiction of the horror that one man can face, at the thought of forever losing his wife. One of the few movies I've seen in the theater that had me checking the rearview on the way home.

Films worth seeing:

Alien: Resurrection

The Fifth Element

Albino Alligator

Operation Condor

The Peacemaker


The Lost World

Scream 2


Air Force One

Tomorrow Never Dies

Shadow Conspiracy



Jackie Brown

Chasing Amy

Donnie Brasco

Grosse Pointe Blank

Private Parts


Best TV show: ER

Best actor on television: Kelsey Grammer (Frasier)

Best actress on television: Julia Louis Dreyfus (Seinfeld)

Best supporting actor: Jason Alexander (Seinfeld)

Best Supporting Actress: Jennifer Aniston

Best drama: ER

Best comedy: Seinfeld

Best new show: Dharma and Greg

Best new actor: None

Best new actress: Jenna Elfman (Dharma and Greg)

Worst Actor: (Tie) David Duchovny (The X-Files) and Lance Henriksen (Millenium)

Worst Actress: Jenny McCarthy

Most Overlooked Actor: Andre Braugher (Homicide: Life on the Street)

Most Underrated Show: The Pretender

Most Overrated Show: Mad About You

Biggest disappointment in TV: Many of this fall's shows were complete pan-outs. Bad writing, mild acting, and poor ratings have caused many shows (deservingly), to go under.

What I would like to see next fall: Better writing. Today's shows like Veronica's Closet and Union Square which are doing well in the ratings (due to hammocking), are not funny. They need to be pulled. If it wasn't for Friends, Seinfeld, and ER successes, they would collapse.